Współpraca z Fundacją K.I.D.S.


Together for the hospitals of the future – K.I.D.S Foundation and Global Shapers Warsaw Hub announce cooperation

The Global Shapers Warsaw Hub (GSWH) is joining the K.I.D.S. Foundation in their work on creating children’s hospitals of the future – welcoming, patient-centric, and easy to navigate.

As a first step, Global Shapers Warsaw Hub will support K.I.D.S Foundation on the research mapping innovations implemented by pediatric hospitals worldwide. The ideas and best practices described in the report will range from digitalization, integrated care to efficient management.

“Healthcare around the world is changing. We joined forces on a mission to support this transformation. Together, we can change children’s hospitals for good. That is why we are so happy to cooperate with the Global Shapers Warsaw Hub, collecting inspirations & lessons learned from the pioneers,” said Tomasz Rudolf, co-founder of K.I.D.S. and CEO of The Heart, a corporate company builder who initiated the creation of the Foundation.

The Foundation conducted over 150 interviews with doctors, nurses, little patients, and their parents from the largest Polish pediatric hospital – the Children’s Memorial Health Institute, and validated the findings with healthcare experts from other countries. The insights they gained allowed them to identify seven main areas for transforming medical institutions: hospital-ity, digitalization, collaborative care, extended beyond the hospital walls, great workplace, innovation center, and healthy organization.

Katarzyna Wszoła, the GSWH’s curator, said: “The K.I.D.S. Foundation’s initiative was a great source of inspiration for our Hub and we’re very happy to be part of it. Driving lasting change and solution-building is what we set out to do. What’s more, we can also count on the cooperation of our international community – almost 10,000 Shapers in 424 cities all over the world. They will add to our expertise and share the best healthcare practices from their countries.”

The complete report will serve as an inspiration and catalog of ready-to-implement solutions for all medical institutions and not just children’s hospitals. By introducing the ideas and methods successfully functioning in various clinics around the globe, Polish hospitals will be transformed into places where patients, their families, and all employees can thrive.